SBDECO INDIA PVT LTD, founded by Mr. Anant Sahay who brings in a rich blend of experience in the decorative concrete industry in India. Mr. Anant has been instrumental in giving shape to the industry which otherwise consisted of small local players installing systems in highly unorganized manner. He has been associated with top companies in this industry and has played the most vital role of launching & promoting the systems and industry as a whole.
Decorative concrete & wall imprint systems are at a very nascent stage with few top players and many local agencies providing only decorative stamped concrete.Lead by a dynamic team of professionals, Civil Engineers and Marketing professional we provide solutions for Stamped concrete, Vertical Imprint and Polished concrete for interior.
SBDECO a registered trademark of the company under which we sell and install our systems and is the only brand in the industry in India providing complete solution for exterior, interior and wall . For the past 4 years all the players have struggled to provide a world class workmanship due to use of inefficient tools kits and equipments and inadequate training . SBDECO has addressed these teething issues and for the first time come up with right tools, stamping kits and thoroughly trained installation team.

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